Friday, July 1, 2011

The Trap

      So I believe I that my neighbors have moved out and let their deviant cousins take over the lease.... I have been woke up all night by their comings and goings. I have tracked the landowner thru the Assessors office and took that information to google their number. Called left a first message which should have been thought out better before the actual dialing. I fumbled thru the message and hoped I would get a return call. Waited... no call. So the next day I composed myself and called again left yet another message of who I was... the property in question and my return number. Finally I get a call and as soon as I answer the phone I hear the woman asking who is this. She sounded bothered and aggressive. I knew from called ID  who it was so I quickly gave her my name and told her I was looking for the owner of the property next door. She asked me again who I was. So I asked who I was speaking with, another response of who I am.. I then explained that I tracked her thru the assessors office and I was just inquiring on the property next door.  She said she didn't own that property and I told her where the property was and she says she own property in the area but not that one ....  I didn't mention that her husband is paying the taxes on it, I figured at this point that some women have no idea what their hubby is out buying.

          What to do...  Late at night they walk around the back fence and are in and out the back door all night. I can see young kids running thru the yard late at night. Its just unnerving, One of the little delinquents had broke into my home months ago. So when the neighbor left I was thankful thinking their family would not be visiting anymore. I'm not even sure there is anyone in there old enough to sign a lease. They don't show up one at a time its more like 5 or 6 all the time... They peek thru the blinds everytime there is a move outside. Its just a little to fishy.

          So this morning while walking my 85 lb boxer, and looking at my yard that needed to be mowed... It came to me! How to slow them down a little, and well I'm a bit passive aggressive.. later today when we get out the poop scoop to clean the yard before I mow... I think I'm going to leave  a strategic little poop mine field in the path they run at night... so I'm off to rig up a night vision camera and hope for a slip and fall...


  1. Love the plan...glad I don't live next door to you...LOL

  2. me when the movie is shot and ready for release!