Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Kid

            It started when I was four... My mother was freshly divorced and was off to see the world with me in tow. She got a job with Petty Ray Geophysical, as a secretary. Back in the day, they use to "stomp" Jugs in the ground looking for oil. So my childhood was spent on the road seeing knew things meeting all kinds of people. All in all it was a pretty sweet deal.. sure occasionally I wouldn't make it to the caravan before it pulled off and would have to wait for her to double back and get me, But she always came back.

           New places, different smells from the new neighborhood. I learned quickly that I can be whoever I want... We were only going to be around for a short time then we would be off to the next town. I guess you could say I was a professional "New Kid" I must have repeated " Hi my names is April, wanna play?" more times than I can remember. Being the "New Kid" you were either in or out. They either wanted to know all about you, or distance themselves all together.  

         This is my first shot at blogging, on my mothers encouragement. Today I feel like the "New Kid" again. So here we go.... "Hi my name is April, wanna play?" 


  1. Welcome aboard. Careful with those stories..I'm still your mom and let's show a little respect...and restraint...lolol ..just kiddin..let er rip!

  2. My name is Becky Jane....I'll play with you...LOL