Monday, July 11, 2011

Expiration Date

          So I have recently been informed that I have an expiration date. I see on movies and TV all the time about women needing to get married and have children and the desperation that goes along with it. I too have flip-flopped on this position many times myself.
         On one hand having a special someone to spend your life with and share all your details with. To have a partner that is in it for the long haul raising children, building a nest egg, someone to travel with during your retired years. Sounds great... so why do I have a knot in my stomach.
          The other hand, which is where I have been living most of my life.  I enjoy my come and go easiness. I like making spur of the moment plans and not checking with someone elses work schedule. My kids have had one parent most of their lives and I have found One parent One rule. There is no one to undercut my authority, no power struggle. Mom is in charge. Dad is in involved hes the guy you spend weekends fishing with, mud riding and bathing isn't a requirement. Hes like a holiday, even I enjoy his company, his "holiday" fun. I'm thankful and O' so lucky he is there for them but I am just as thankful that he is there and I am.......... here. 
              I will be 56 when my last child graduates from high school 10 years after said exp. date. God willing I will get another 25 years to do as I please. I really don't think I want to do it compromising and keeping track of yet, someone elses stuff. I know my mom was not the only parent that said "when you move on your "own" you can make your "own" rules..."  That was never followed by until you get married. This is where I have my conflict... I'm not interested in their rules.. I like mine. They work for me. I'm not gonna ask someone if I can go see my family or go see friends they have nothing in common with. I'm not gonna be worried I didn't make it home on time cause a grown ass person cant figure out how to work the microwave.
           Since being informed that after 46 you are no longer looked at as a woman you are looked at as an "old" woman. I have a few years left to sow some of those wild oats... LOL.  So far as I look back on my life, no real regrets... probably could have managed my time better, but it was MY time to have, and I'm content.
            I would like to add Sandra Bullock, Courtney Cox, Jodie Foster, and Diane Lane all 46 or older. Still very hot!     

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  1. ya can't count those women....they have money for facelips, tummy tucks....botox and health insurance!