Monday, July 25, 2011

So what do you do...

       Every once in awhile you may say Ugly  things to friend or a family member that you may have said in anger, hurt, frustration, jealousy, or just being misinformed. So what do you do? Most of the time when things have calmed down and you have your wits about you. You call that person and apologize or explain the situation til you find a common ground. Well everyone knows that one person... the one that has dug the hole so deep the light at the top is but a faint memory. So what do you do? Once you have extended a hand or threw them a rope to help them out, do you just start kicking the dirt back in on them. You see you can LIE about or to so many people... but those that know you, I mean really know you, know that for as long as they can remember... You are mean... and thats it. Your just mean. You have belittled the man you spent twenty some years with to the point he wouldnt even look for you when you go missing. He knew. Everyone wants to be your favorite neice or nephew, not because you are so wonderful but because they are hoping not to be picked on or talked about. They knew. You cant treat someone horrible throughout their childhood, plot to embarass them at a family reunion with their  long distance love, lie about family members to look like the one in their corner just to pull info out of them. She knew. Everyone that knows you can see right thru that bullshit facade. So be thankful for your facebook friends, the ones that dont know you. The ones that havent seen you in over 20 years. The OLD friends and family that hasnt deleted or blocked you yet just dont want to be on the proverbial shit list. So what do you do?
Well as upset with the way you and others have been treated. As much as you hope that one day you will see Karma bite them in the ass. The truth is when your DNA is concerned its not as much fun to watch as you might think. Its sad, part of you thinks "well, its bound to come around" and another part wants to shake them and say grow up stop lying and start apologizing so we can clean this mess. Then theres a part of you that wants to hug them and ask what happened that made them so mean. Its like watchin the neighbor dog being eatin by snake. So What Do You Do! I have a shovel do I chop the snake in half, do I put the dog out of its misery... its hard to watch it slowly being swallowed.   

"The characters in this story are fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and a direct result of your own guilt"

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